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The Dream

The Dream

The idea for Alautus came right after I had my first son. Newly postpartum and quickly back to the office, clothing and how I felt in clothes burned front and center every day as I navigated spit ups, a new postpartum body and a newly promoted executive role at the Dallas Stars. I desperately wanted to get back to the office after a short maternity leave. Grateful for a healthy baby, maternity leave (even if brief) and a job to return to, I yearned to feel polished again after many, many days covered in spit up, changing diapers, and no time for my own self care. In the mornings, I noticed my husband putting on his custom tailored suits and how sharp he always looked.  He spent little time picking out his outfits with his well-organized closet of perfectly fitting tailored workwear.  My male colleagues mentioned blazers and suits with the casual "Oh I am getting fitted this afternoon" or "New season new suit" as they were accustomed to the luxury of custom suiting for men (particularly in professional sports).  I wanted this feeling.  I wanted to go in my closet and pick out a power suit that fit just how I desired and had my own personally chosen details on the blazer and pants.  I dreamt of that feeling but could not find a company that offered women-focused tailored clothing (that were elegant but with a little edge).  Day after day of looking at existing brands, researching fabrics (my favorite), and dreaming of how fun it would be to have a closet like that, the idea for Alautus hit me.  If I wanted this, many other women would want it to and the vision for Alautus crystallized instantly.  Welcome to our journey to reimagine custom suiting for women.  Welcome to Alautus!




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