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Our First Piece

Our First Piece

I drew sketches daily (mostly with my son's crayons or colored pencils).  I wanted a jacket that I could wear over jeans, over tailored suits, and over yoga pants as I went to pilates.  I saw the jacket in my mind and knew the feel of the fabric that I craved.  Polished yet not too precious to be only for special occasions.  I wanted a coat that could go with all my outfits and work with all the "hats" that I wore.  Ivory was the color of our first sample of what is now known as the Keswick Coat.  We selected Ivory because of its timeless elegance and the little bit of daring it takes to wear ivory around toddlers (and around anyone else I might add).  The coat had to clean easily, be wrinkle- resistant and light enough to wear all seasons with room for sweaters underneath. A lot of asks for the coat of my dreams and it took many samples to get to our Keswick Coat.  Our original piece is still my absolute favorite -- in Ivory!





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