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Launch And A Baby

Launch And A Baby

Launching a new company while expecting your third child is an extraordinary experience.  When I stepped down from my role as executive and head lawyer for the Dallas Stars I knew my family and I were stepping into our next adventure and I craved it.  I had a plan, a vision, and two toddlers already so how hard could it be?  There is truly something to be said for ignorance and that unbridled confidence in the face of the unknown.  All I knew was I was determined, excited, and being pregnant was not going to slow me down in the slightest.  When asked about leaving my hard-earned professional sports legal career and having another child, people asked if I was afraid and they just "did not know how I was going to do it."  The truth is I never felt afraid.  I would reply "Afraid of what?".  What is there to fear? Failure? Long nights? Exhaustion? Starting on a new path? No, I was not afraid. I was energized like never before and good thing too.  Bringing an idea into reality and bringing a real baby into the world at the same time requires endless energy. We can get into energy creation, energy management and exhaustion on another post.




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