Find a flat and uncarpeted section of floor, preferably up against the wall. Remove shoes, hair ties, or anything else that could interfere with the measurement. Make sure that the back of your head and heels are touching the wall. To take the actual measurement, you might require help from another person. You’ll want to find a flat object, like a book, and slide it down the wall until it meets the top of your head. Take a pencil and mark the object meets your head and then measure from the floor to the mark.


  • For an accurate bust measurement, you will need your band and full bust. To find your band size, place one end of the measuring tape beneath the bust, where the band of the bra typically begins. Wrap the measuring tape around your back. 
  • To find your full bust, place the end of the tape measurer around the fullest part of the bust. Next, wrap the measuring tape under the armpits, over the shoulder blades, and back to the front. You should measure around the fullest part of the bust (across the full chest and across nipple) and around the body parallel to the floor.
  • To find your cup size, take the measurement that you collected for your band size and subtract the measurement from your full bust measurement. Every inch equals a cup size. For example, if your band size was 37, and your full bust measurement was 40, you would be a C cup (C= 3). Every inch difference equals one cup size up (A=1, B=2, C=3 and so forth).


Circle the tape measurer around your natural waistline. Your natural waistline is the smallest part of your torso, right above the navel. Keep your breath relaxed and avoid sucking in while taking the measurement; you want your clothing to fit comfortably throughout the day.


Wrap the measurer around the widest part of the hipbone. Circle the tape measurer over the glutes and then back to the starting point.  


Upper arms: Measure around the largest part of each arm above the elbow.

Thighs:  Circle the tape measurer around the widest and highest part of the thigh.  

Inseam:  The inseam is the distance from the top of the thigh to the ankle. Measure from the crotch to the ankle, where you’d want a pair of pants to fall.

Outseam:  The outseam is the measurement from the top of the waist band on the top of your hip down the side of your leg to the bottom of the hem of the pants (wherever you would like the hem to fall whether that be ankle, instep, or floor).

Rise: Trouser rise is the distance from the crotch seam between your legs to the top of the waistband of the pants.  To measure your desired rise for your pants, place your tape measure between your legs, beginning at the waist in front (at or slightly below your belly button) and ending at the top of the waist band in the back.  To measure your front rise, read the distance from the top of the front waist band to the bottom of the crotch and then subtract that amount from the total length amount shown on the tape measure at the top of the waist band in the back.


Sizing x Alautus: 

Alautus is a custom clothing company.  We make each garment by using a few measurements from you and translating them into a unique pattern. Because every piece is based off your measurements, it is important that the measurements are as accurate as possible. Knowing measurements can also help you understand what will fit you best in Alautus clothing and beyond. We hope this guide helps you take accurate measurements along with these visual guides. If you have further questions, reach out to the Alautus team at and we can help set up a video call with our tailor.


Measurement Tips:

Use a cloth measuring tape. A metal tape measurer may skew measurements as it will not bend to your curves.  If you need one, let us know at or by creating an account at and we will send you a welcome gift including a cloth measuring tape. When taking measurements, take off as much clothing as is comfortable. Bulky clothes can add to measurements, making them inaccurate.  Avoid pulling the tape too tightly around the area you are measuring. The tape should be snug, but should be loose enough to be comfortable.