Brand Story

Alana Matthews

Brand Story

We believe women are worthy of luxury custom workwear. Custom suiting has been traditionally been the realm of men but no more.  Our mission at Alautus is to remind women of their worth and infuse confidence through luxury custom pieces versatile enough for work and everyday life. 


Women are powerful and women’s voices need to be heard.  No place is this needed more than in the workplace.  Whether your workplace is your home, your office, your home office, coffee shops, or on the go, we want to celebrate you and remind you of your worth by making custom luxury garments just for you.  That feeling of confidence when you wear something beautiful that fits just right – that is our goal.  Empowering you is our purpose and we make custom luxury clothing with purpose on purpose.


A C-suite executive, mother, daughter, and friend, our founder, Alana Matthews, knows the power of self-confidence and being well-suited.  After working for years as a lawyer and executive in professional sports, Alana recognized that most custom suiting companies only served men.  But suiting herself in the morning was always a way for Alana to power her mindset to tackle the day and Alana felt women should have this experience.  Alautus was established to fill this void. 


The name Alautus stems from the personal touch of our founder’s name, and the Latin root phrase for elegant, lautus; which the designs exude in form and function. Rather than mask the body in traditionally masculine cuts and colors, Alautus embraces the strength of femininity through color and curve.  The debut of the brand finds women in classic staples like Midnight Navy, Ivory, and Black with pieces such as car coats, and sheath dresses; with versatile blazers, work-from-anywhere trousers, and classic suiting to come. All designs powerful, polished and custom.


Alautus, which debuted with a teaser launch for the 2022 season, is thoughtfully adding to the brand’s offerings with carefully curated additions.